a cinematic AR experience
in Washington Square Park

January 2018 – Today


On January 18’ Ilana Bonder and I joined an AR prototyping fellowship by A+E Networks in partnership with NYC Media lab, focused on the 50th anniversary of the year 1968. As one of five teams granted a fellowship for rapid development, we started developing ‘Let’s Make History’.

Exploring new and immersive storytelling methods is an essential step in creating the intergenerational chain, which gives depth and meaning to the social challenges we face as a society in 2018. Our goal in  ‘Let’s Make History’, a cinematic AR experience in Washington Square Park, is to introduce our audience of young social activists to same-aged social activists which once stood and waved protest signs at the same place geographically, and often — on behalf of the same values.

An iOS app will be launched on Spring 2018

Wrighting & Research: Joanna Evans
Music: Roy Ben-Yosef & Roberto Trzini

Thanks to Ilana Bonder.