Selected Works


Toy Swap

an online library for kids toys. Kids spend most of their time playing – However, what
met their needs a moment ago no longer fits. Lack of knowledge, money and time lead
to parents inability to adapt their child’s environment to his changing needs.


An Online Library for Kids Toys ⇀




Jerusalem Design Week 2018

Jerusalem Design Week is an international event that takes place in several locations throughout Jerusalem, and offers a multitude of events, performances and local and international design exhibitions.

Alliance house Jerusalem ⇀


A Cinematic Augmented Reality Experience

On January 18’ Ilana Bonder and I joined an AR prototyping fellowship by A+E Networks in partnership with NYC Media lab, focused on the 50th anniversary of the year 1968. As one of five teams granted a fellowship for rapid development, we started developing ‘Let’s Make History’.

  A cinematic AR expiriance ⇀